Leaf Collection

This is how our street looks for most of the month of October and November.  This is 300 feet of collected leaves from just two yards.  The township comes by two or three times during the season and picks them up in huge trucks.

This year, I am proud to say I did not put out any leaves for the township to pick up.  Instead, we went  over the whole lot with our mulching mower.  It took my husband three mowings to get the bulk of the leaves mulched.  I then used my electric blower to collect some of them for my compost bin. This is a wonderful addition to the soil or a light mulch for flower beds.  All those mulched leaves near shrub and flower beds,  I simply blew right into my shrub beds to cover up the soil during the winter.  By mulching them first, they will not become and impenetrable mat and allow air and water to reach the soil, they also absorb water to be released slowly and keep the soil protected.  Just as nature intended.

“I have never had so many ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden” John Erskine


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