Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fabulous Plant!

Hard to believe that here we are in the beginning of November and this plant is the only thing still blooming in the garden.  It is,  Salvia elegans ‘Golden Delicious’ or Pineapple Sage.  When I picked it up in early April it was in the herbs rack at the local nursery.  I planted it in my herb garden and it quickly outgrew the space and threatened to displace a french tarragon plant that I have been nurturing for years.  I cut it down drastically in June but left both in place.  It started blooming in September and has not quit since.  This is not widely available so I had to read up a bit about it and it is hardy only to zone 8.  I think I will risk it and leave it in the garden to see if it comes back and report back then.  I highly recommend this beauty for your gardens!

“Plant your sage and rue together,
The sage will grow in any weather…” 

~Thomas Cavendish,