Monthly Archives: June 2012

Who Knew?

Who knew that a simple vegetable garden would provide so many surprises. Not me, apparently.  After years of gardening, the closest I ever got to growing vegetables was with a couple of tomato plants in a garden pot.  I have designed  perennial gardens, put in shrub borders, and taken countless classes on the how of growing food.  Reading and doing are two different things!

Who new that a tomato plant will grow to 7 feet by June the 28?  And that each plant would need two or three feet around?  My tomatoes, -of which I planted: 7 Beefsteak,  3 Black Krim,  3 Yelllow Pear and 3 Orange Jubilee,- Are now a jumble of branches, completely unruly, with bunches of green fruit going every which way. I will be lucky to know what is what when they finally ripen.  I started out with 4ft. “tepees” which I thought was a very elegant way to hold them together. They outgrew those very fast! then, I quickly kept adding larger and larger stakes as they grew, so that now, the stakes are all over also.

The fence is eight feet tall.

Who knew that 4 plants of Zucchini would produce a half dozen giant fruits per day? These things spring out of nowhere.  I may start “dropping baskets of zucchini on neighbors porches  and running away”  as Barbara Kingsolver comments in her book “Vegetable Animal Miracle”.

And who knew that seed companies do not make it very clear which beans are pole beans and which are bush beans so you end up putting them the wrong place?  I did not know.  When I think of it, it is all a wonderfully rewarding experience and hard work.  Worth every lesson learned, just like life.  I go out to water every morning, -we are experiencing another draught so water your trees. I wrote about the last draught here.– and I can not help but shake my head at the wonder of it all!

“Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.”  
Vegetable Quote by Elizabeth Berry