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You can recycle fall leaves


If you have deciduous trees in the quantities that I do, you will be glad to be able to use their leaves in the fall as a resource instead of a source of trash.  As explained in this article posted in the Penn State Extention website, fall leaves are rich in nutrients in a comparable rate of manure or fertilizers.  They contain minerals and many  trace elements that our plants need and in addition make a suitable mulch to protect plants through the winter.  As in nature, leaves fall naturally in the forest floor to biodegrade and transform into nutrients.  Naturally, in our own home garden environments we want to remove the leaves from the lawn.  Grass needs to be clear of debris but finely mulched leaves provide needed nitrogen to the grass as well.  The key is to use a mulching mower and leave the clippings on the ground.  At this time of the year I blow the fine clippings in areas where the bulk of the leaves were, and transfer them to the garden beds.  It saves a lot of money in mulch as well!  My preference is to keep this valuable resource and use it as nature intended.

Nature does nothing uselessly.   –Aristotle, Greek philosopher

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