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Recommended Plant and Seed Catalogs

2015 catalogues1

Happy New Year to all of you frustrated gardeners and faithful readers! I know that, at this time of the year, the only thing that keeps me dreaming and excited about the upcoming gardening season is the steady influx of wonderful seed, plant and garden supply catalogs.  A good catalog is that which encompasses several criteria: selection, great photos and most important, detailed information and growing tips. I usually save them through out  the growing season as they are a great guide to each individual variety, specifying germination times and date of maturity this can vary quite substantially within each cultivar. Having said all that here is a few of my best picks.

  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Beautifully illustrated all organic and non GMO seeds.  Specializes in heirloom varieties. A real treat!
  • Jung Seeds and Plants.   Very nice selection  of hard to find small fruit shrubs.  Has been around for over one hundred years.
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds I would call this a book!  Vegetables, plants and garden supplies.  A lot of hybrids but also organic and non GMO seed.
  • Burpee We all know their seeds, covers everything from seed to supplies. Many amazing hybrids and they have a strict non-GMO policy.
  • Bluestone Perennials If you are a perennial garden  enthusiast, This is one catalogue you must have. Plants are listed alphabetically and I really like their easy to understand plant symbols with planting information and requirements.
  • Select Seeds Rare antique and heirlooms variety of perennial and annual flowers.  Many showy varieties you will not find in the nursery trade.
  • Pinetree Garden Seeds and Accessories Organic non-GMO vegetable seeds, flowers and all kinds of accessories.  Most notable a line of botanical cosmetics, teas, spices and soap making  supplies.

“Seeds have the power to preserve species, to enhance cultural as well as genetic diversity, to counter economic monopoly and to check the advance of conformity on all its many fronts.”
Michael Pollan, Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education