Monthly Archives: July 2009

Container Gardens

containers3One of my most anticipated chores in spring is the planning of the container gardens. Because of the deer problem, I use containers for annuals that would otherwise be eaten. One of my favorite plants for the last couple of years is Heliotrope ‘Fragrant Delight’ (center). It gives large clusters of very fragrant purple flowers. They last up to a month each. I paired with purple petunias of different shades and common marigold in a bright mellow yellow. Trailing in front is a new find, Sutera hybrid ‘Gold ‘n Pearls’. It is really doing a good job and it is about a foot long now.


Deer and Rabbits

Blog_20090430It has been a frustrating month in the garden. Not that all my perennials and shrubs were not growing quite well until…. the neighborhood deer realized the plants were growing quite well too. I went out to the garden the other morning to find most of the buds in my Daylily beds chopped off. Then I started to look around, here, I found that the geraniums which were in full bud were gone also. And there, ALL the foliage of the Trollius that were done blooming a couple of weeks ago, also gone. The wonderful lacyleaves are quite an asset all season long so I prize the plant until it turns red in the fall and goes dormant.The rabbits have been also a problem this year. And they are everywhere! They go after plump new growth and I have ended up with plants behind wire cages which stay on all season. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. I have heard the only sure bet is a good doublefence. In a large property it may prove to be a costly alternative. All sprays, noise, lightsetc. are effective for a limited time only as the critters figure out quite fast what is a real threat and what is not. Check out some of the damage. June 2009