About Me

After 20 plus years of gardening as a hobby, I have given in full time to my love of plants and gardening by changing careers and becoming a Gardening Coach. I am an OSU-certified Master Gardener and  Certified in the Horticulture and Landscape Design program with the Phipps Conservatory of Pittsburgh.

I have experience in all types of gardens but favor natural landscapes using native plants while promoting sustainable gardening practices and organic methods. I specialize in mixed perennial borders with an emphasis on plants that are deer resistant. Contact me by phone or by e-mail. Please visit my main website: The Gardener’s Coach


One response to “About Me

  1. After years of foot-dragging, I’ve caved in to get a deer fence. I’ve found out the hard way that deer-resistant plants are not always…last year the deer even chewed up the leaves on our potatoes…a nightshade plant. Just to spite me, they continued in that vein onto the tomato vines. Arrrrgh!!!


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