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Leaf Collection

This is how our street looks for most of the month of October and November.  This is 300 feet of collected leaves from just two yards.  The township comes by two or three times during the season and picks them … Continue reading

Misconseptions about Wildlife Corridors

    Talking with a colleague in the Landscaping and Gardening business, I was shocked to hear that she though the the term “Wildlife Corridors” meant that it was required to be planted with only native plants.  But the term refers … Continue reading

You can recycle fall leaves

If you have deciduous trees in the quantities that I do, you will be glad to be able to use their leaves in the fall as a resource instead of a source of trash.  As explained in this article posted … Continue reading

April Garden Chores

I know many of you are out in the garden eager to see plants growing and blooming.   I went out last week and started cleaning out the huge amount of oak leaves from my neighbors trees that end up in … Continue reading

Autumn joys and chores

Sitting outside in the balmy weather, I watched as leaves fell like a magical golden shower.  There was a specific sound too,  like hundreds of whisperings being carried past me by the wind.  Truly one of those quiet moments that … Continue reading