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More on Deer Resistant Plants Part IV. Evergreens.

Evergreens are the bones of every landscape design.  They are your backdrop canvas and your focus.  I want them to thrive and I want them left alone.  No one finds it attractive to keep large plants wrapped in chicken wire! … Continue reading

Deer Resistant Plants

As we face our first week of  frigid temperatures, I have been thinking about those plants in the garden that survived the season without major deer damage.  Often they are the truly faithful that we see often in so many … Continue reading

Striking and Deer Proof

A friend shared a  few seeds of Datura stramonium, also known as Angel’s Trumpet and yes, Devils Trumpet and Jimsonweed.  I planted a few in front of the vegetable garden in May.  This photo was taken in August.   In three … Continue reading

Oh Deer!

By popular demand, I am expanding my writings on deer resistant plants at least those that my local herds are not now eating.  It is said if a deer is hungry enough it will go after anything, unless they had have … Continue reading

More Deer Proof Favorites

We have had an impressive amount of snow in Western Pennsylvania.  I heard in the news that we had snow everyday since December 28th until just a couple of days ago.  Everything is covered with a thick blanket, which allows … Continue reading

Great Plant Pairings Series

This combination stopped me on my tracks a couple of days ago.  They are planted next to a Darmera peltatum, with its gigantic leaves that make quite a statement. Here is Darnera, or Umbrella Plant, today. An exotic plant on … Continue reading

Misconseptions about Wildlife Corridors

    Talking with a colleague in the Landscaping and Gardening business, I was shocked to hear that she though the the term “Wildlife Corridors” meant that it was required to be planted with only native plants.  But the term refers … Continue reading

About Me

After 20 plus years of gardening as a hobby, I have given in full time to my love of plants and gardening by changing careers and becoming a Gardening Coach. I am an OSU-certified Master Gardener and  Certified in the … Continue reading