April News… Spring?

Amelanchier canadensis

Amelanchier canadensis

A furry of activity  has been cut short by another spell of cold weather.  Thankfully, we have not experienced a late frost, so around town, Serviceberry, numerous Magnolias, Redbuds and the infamous Bradford Pear (useless, exotic invasive species), are all in bloom.  I love spring (summer and fall) in Pennsylvania!  The succession of blooms starts early in February when our Hellebores and Crocus start pocking out of the snow, and continues right to fall.

I went back to last year’s blog about my spring chores  and realized how late I am in starting my tomatoes this year.  There is always the option of buying transplants from reputable greenhouses.  It saves a lot of the work and space indoors and in the end, you only want one or two of each variety anyway. I do have several varieties of lettuce and many more of assorted greens coming up in my raised beds in the vegetable garden. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and kiwi are trimmed and got a nice dose of compost last fall, and the cleanup in the flower beds is slowly under way. Most important of all, remember to enjoy it all.  Take some time to take it all in and marvel at the resilience of nature, the gift it bestows upon us each season and to remember to share out habitat (no matter how big or small) with the wild life around us!

Spring is nature’s way of saying,  ‘Let’s Party!’   Robin Williams

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