Shopping for seeds

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Chroniflower, of the subspecies caulicannabanis

My vegetable raised boxes are filled with wonderful mushroom manure and compost and I am ready for the season to begin.  Choosing what to grow and what seed to purchase has become quite a daunting prospect.  For a gardener who specializes in perennial and shrub borders, I suddenly was faced with an entirely different set of rules and growing techniques.  I was then faced with the most important decision of all:  what type of seed to order.  Genetically Modified Organism or GMOs also called Generically engineered or GE seed,  Open pollinated heirlooms, F1Hybrids, Organic…   Really?  I am seriously overwhelmed!  And if this is my thinking, I would assume there are many of you, first time vegetable gardeners in the same position.  Here are some of the main facts that have been helpful in sorting out where I should get started.

GMOs are in my mind out of the…

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