Canna 'Tropicanna'

Canna ‘Tropicanna’

Nothing beats Cannas for a punch of dramatic color and beautiful foliage.  I find cannas extremely trouble free and easy to grow.  Native of South and Central America, they are not hardy in our area, –  zone 5-6 –  so it is necessary to dig the rhizomes before winter.  I generally do this right after the first frost, then store them in a frost free area of a basement or garage.   As I unwrapped them this morning here is how they looked.  Hard to believe they are even alive!

Canna rhizomes after winter dormancy.

Canna rhizomes after winter dormancy.

These are four times as many as I planted last spring and the product of just one plant I purchased at a box store in 2011.  I expect to have a respectable patch of cannas this year!  I will let them sit in a bit of water for a day and then plant them in individual pots to get them started indoors.  This will get them a head start and hopefully, they will bloom earlier and we can enjoy them longer in the garden.

“The earth is a garden and each of us only need care for our own part for life to be breathed back into the planet, into the soil, into ourselves.”

-John Jeavons


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