My Begonias

Angel Wing Begonias

Angel Wing Begonias

Angel Wing with Rex

Angel Wing with Rex

Begonia 'Escargot'

Begonia ‘Escargot’

Begonias4 Begonias5 Begonias6 Begonias7

Tiger Eyes Begonia

Tiger Eyes Begonia

Three years in the making, most of these plants were started from leaf cuttings or plugs.  In the summer, they thrive in the shady areas of my front porch and get very full, almost doubling their size every season.  When it is time to bring them inside in the fall, the biggest challenge is to find a spot that gives them the light, heat and humidity they need.  To read more about their genus and care click here.

Begonias can become an addiction. I  started out with a Rex Begonia called ‘Escargot’ with leaves that curl like a shell around itself.  Then came a couple of other varieties pictured above.  Angel Wing begonias with their beautiful blooms in red, white or orange but Angel Wings have not done well for me inside in winter so I have given them up as a house plant.  The rest, with their breathtaking large leaves that come in hundred different color combinations of red, green, gray and every variation in between,  the shape of the leaves so intricate and unusual, never shy and always striking, I can’t resist.  Here is a house plant that does not have to bloom to dazzle.



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