Suffering from Gardening Withdrawal.

There was flurry of activity to finish the last fall chores before this cold frigid weather set in.  New beds were prepared and mulched,  more shrubs and perennials planted and bulbs set in the ground.  Compost spread, a great bounty of leaves mulched and raked back into the beds, hoses and all garden accessories  and tools put away for the winter…  Phew!  That certainly was a lot of work, which for us gardeners does not “feel” like work, of course.  Instead, I felt toned and strong after hours in the sunny but cool fall air, watching as nature put out its last hurrah before the inevitable winter slumber.

Withdrawal, my friends, is far worse.  I look outside now and feel that, in the space of a couple of weeks, we have been transported to a frigid inhospitable planet.  Outside, a frozen landscape.  the weather report is for several days of below freezing temperatures and several inches of snow…

It is an adjustment, but on the other hand, I now have more time to read, go thru the new offerings of magazines and catalogues and more importantly, plan new projects for the year ahead.  Dream on!

“Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.” ~Stanley Crawford




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