Summer Retreat

Huckleberry Island

Summer is here and  all over, people are looking for a place in the sun.  For us is time to load up the car and head north.  We follow the QEW all the way to our little piece of paradise in an Island on a remote lake in  Algonquin Park, Ontario.

It is time to enjoy the pleasures of lazy summer days and balmy sweet silent nights. Only the sound of nature, the cry of the loons, and occasionally, the haunting calls of the wolf, deep in the forest, pierce the night.  A nature lover by heart, I am   fortunate to be able to share a spot like this with the natural world that occupies it.  Respectfully, with minimum impact, we should all venture into the woods and get in touch with nature. There, we can then find peace for the spirit and time to reflect on this great world we live in.   It helps me grasp the reality of what is really important in our lives.  We live in a fast world.  Are we able to keep up with the daily bombardment of information, technology and social demands without taking time to soothe our spirit?


So I’ll say goodbye for a short time, to recharge.  Without TV, Newspapers, or the Internet, I would be out of touch… but surrounded by beauty like this…


One response to “Summer Retreat

  1. i’m admittedly a little envious of your time away since i don’t have any sort of “restorative” vacation planned in the near future. but go and have a wonderful and relaxing time communing with nature. i will see the rested and restored you when you return.


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