Spring Burst

Spring Crocus

When a few days of balmy temperatures grace our gardens, nature burst into action and signs of life are everywhere.  Here a small group of early Crocus manage to escape the rabbit’s voracious appetite.  They did not last long, the next day, all were gone!

When the weather permits it is almost impossible to stay away from the perennial beds,  the clean up must begin, and so, I started before the rains came again.  I managed to clean around the crown of the emerging perennials and shrubs removing leaves and mulch and loosening the soil.  This will allow water and air to penetrate the roots.

Grasses that were not cut last fall should be cut now before they start their new growth.  All other leftover perennial growth should be cut just above ground.

Lookout for perennial weeds, they really stand out before they are shaded out by the rest of the plants and  it is relatively easy to pull them, the soil is wet and they are not completely established so they come easy, a small task that will save a lot of work later!

Vines will need to be trained or trimmed before new shoots sprout.

Everything could benefit from a light coating of compost to improve the soil and a layer of mulch or shredded leaves.  If you are able to compost your leaves each year they are an excellent source of organic matter.  They are a natural resource most gardeners today do not harvest.

“Weather means more when you have a garden.  There’s nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.” ~Marcelene Cox


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