On Pruning and Birds

A glorious day here in Western Pennsylvania!  Finally, I was able to get out in the garden and smell the sweet scent of fresh soil.  I spend the entire day in the garden yesterday, enjoying temperatures in the upper 60’s and bright sunshine.  Birds are extremely active this time of the year calling for mates and scouting around for nesting sites and looking for food and water.  If you are able, fill your feeders and water basins from now until plants and insects spring out into the garden, the birds will greatly benefit from alternative sources of food.  It will also encourage them to nest in your trees and shrubs. Nesting boxes should be emptied and cleaned to attract new tenants.

After an extensive walk about the entire garden, it was evident that the first order of business involved some serious pruning.  Early spring is the ideal time to prune trees and summer blooming shrubs while still dormant before the buds break.  Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon, Buddleia (Butterfly bush), Caryopteris (Blue beard), Hypericum (St John’s wort) Privet, Potentilla (Quincefoil), Cornus sp. with brightly colored bark, Sorbaria (False spirea) Perovskia (Russian sage).  Also, I cut back my vines at this time and any dead or broken branches from all trees and shrubs.

I had the Eu0nymus hedge cut yesterday as well, the job too extensive for a home gardener, it took five strong men all morning to cut, clean and chip all the cuttings away.  It is now a manageable 6 feet tall or so and I am confident it will come back and grace me with its red fiery beauty this fall.

“…all through the long winter I dream of my garden.  On the first day of spring I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth.  I can feel its energy and my spirit soars.”   Helen Hayes


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