Blizzard ’10. The aftermath

Euonymus alatus.

One of the major casualties of this storm was my beautiful “Euonymus alatus” or Winged Euonymus; thirty feet long and fifteen high; it proved to be very vulnerable to the monumental amounts of snow we received at the beginning of February.  Not only did we get 24″ of snow, but we got to keep it for over a month.  It is only now that I can finally see the ground and assess the damage.  This hedge, I am afraid, will have to be cut down. The weight of the snow caused many branches to split and break. A little more patience is needed until the ground is dry and safe to walk on.  Then the pruning can begin.  Euonymus will come back even if it gets cut to a foot above ground.

A pair of  Mugo pines on either side ofthe driveway are completely flattened.  This is an evergreen and will not regenerate new growth when large branches are cut down, for static reasons yet to be assessed, they may have to go. The list goes on and on.  Early March and I should have been out pruning all trees and shrubs, it looks like we are getting a late start on our garden chores this month.

One more thing I like to do now is apply corn glutten to the beds to prevent weed seeds from germinating.  It will save a lot of work later in the spring.

“A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself…”  Margaret Atwood


2 responses to “Blizzard ’10. The aftermath

  1. So what’s corn gluten???
    Beautiful pictures !! Rhoda


    • Corn Glutten is a natural weed suppressant. It acts as a pre-emergent as it inhibits seed germination. I like to apply it in areas that are hard to weed. It must be moisten after application so it is good to put it down before it rains. Thanks for visiting the blog!


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