Autumn colors

Euonymus alatus in fall

Euonymus alatus in fall

From one week to the next, it seems, the trees explode in their fiery show of extravagant color. It is nature at its best.  A walk in the woods amid cool temperatures – surrounded by flying leaves of red, orange, yellow and brown – evokes a feeling of exuberance and sadness,  knowing that all will soon be gone.

The great color explosion coincides with another miracle of nature – songbird migrations. The trees and vines are full of ripe fruit just waiting for the birds to broadcast their seeds far and wide.  Could the show of color be a call, a notice if you will, or an advertisement?  Come check me out,  I have tasty treats!

Parthenocissus quinquefolia or Virginia Creeper

Parthenocissus quinquefolia or Virginia Creeper

One of my favorites is the Virginia creeper vine.  Its fruit is almost too small for us to notice, but its foliage is bright red.  The birds take notice.  Even poison ivy offers scores of seeds in the fall.  This year, I also noticed that oaks have had a record crop of acorns.  This spells a bonanza for our small mammals that depend on acorns to make it through the winter.

“…If I were a bird I would fly around the earth seeking the successive autumns”.  George Eliot.


One response to “Autumn colors

  1. I love your descriptions and your writing. I can just imagine walking among those swirling colors of autumn in the woods with you, feeling the crisp chill in the air.


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