Ruby Throated Hummingbird.


This girl is still here, I have been watching her for the last two weeks, with a certain foreboding of the day when she will decide that it is time to start her migration.  From time to time, I have seen her fight off visitors; who are they?  I think females from the North are passing by and taking a rest at the feeder.  Males hummingbirds started their migration in August.  Only adult and immature females remain. From here, they face a 3,000 thousand mile trip to Central America!  There are still plenty of flowers in the garden to keep them busy.  And, since I have an all organic yard, there are plenty of insects about.  She is still visiting the feeder quite frequently.  I would keep all feeders clean and fresh for migrating birds.

Check out this great site.  I received it in an e-mail forwarded from a friend: Hummer Nest ’05. It is an unusual series of pictures that follow a nest until the birds fledge.  Probably the only wild nest I will ever be able to witness.  It is several pages long so keep clicking through.


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