The Fall Garden

fall garden2

Just when the season of gardening is coming to an end, the opportunity is here for the planning of next year plantings.  Now we can evaluate what worked, which plants were placed in their ideal location for optimum performance, or in some cases, the realization that some plants will have to be moved.  Many perennials will need to be divided like crowded Bearded Irises that can be lifted now, separated and relocated.  Spring blooming bulbs should go in this fall to allow the roots to get established.  Keep after those weeds and do not allow them to bloom and set seed for next year!  You will save yourself a lot of work in the spring.  In the picture bellow, Rudbeckia or Coneflower, has just about finished blooming, I like to leave the seed heads for winter interest.  The Goldfinches love to perch on the stem and feed on the seeds. Here Rudbeckia was under planted with Aster amelus. At it’s feet, a young Ceratostigma plumbaginoides.

fall garden3


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