Deer and Rabbits

Blog_20090430It has been a frustrating month in the garden. Not that all my perennials and shrubs were not growing quite well until…. the neighborhood deer realized the plants were growing quite well too. I went out to the garden the other morning to find most of the buds in my Daylily beds chopped off. Then I started to look around, here, I found that the geraniums which were in full bud were gone also. And there, ALL the foliage of the Trollius that were done blooming a couple of weeks ago, also gone. The wonderful lacyleaves are quite an asset all season long so I prize the plant until it turns red in the fall and goes dormant.The rabbits have been also a problem this year. And they are everywhere! They go after plump new growth and I have ended up with plants behind wire cages which stay on all season. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. I have heard the only sure bet is a good doublefence. In a large property it may prove to be a costly alternative. All sprays, noise, lightsetc. are effective for a limited time only as the critters figure out quite fast what is a real threat and what is not. Check out some of the damage. June 2009


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