Witnessing the re-birth of life

Blog_20090429This is the time we gardeners long for on all those dreary winter days, when all we see from our windows is a large expanse of snow covered ground. I go out on every opportunity to discover what perennial has come back and what is, slowly almost timidly, unfurling its delicate petals. Check out the exquisite white flowers of Sanguinaria. Solitary on each single stem, if you do not pay attention it will come and go and you will miss it! The beautiful Pulmonarias are pushing thir leaves and their multi-colored blossoms all shades of purple, violet and pink, and they are a welcomed sight for us and the early-flying bumblebees. Trees also are starting to show their cover of blooms: Maples (acer) with their small red and yellow flowers; some dogwoods (Cornus Mas) are also covered with yellow wisps of color. And of course, Weeping Willows (Salix) are the earliest tree to transform into fresh green color, announcing to all that indeed, spring has arrived.


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